AAPI LGBTQ Resource Center San Francisco

Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center is a community wellness center located in San Francisco specializing in health care for LGBTQ and people of color. It is funded through the Department of Health and Human Services grants and many doctor volunteers around the area. The A&PI Wellness Center, not only offer free primary care services but also free services for family planning , HIV/STD testing, transgender health, mental health/substance abuse, and health education. When it comes to transgender health, not many health professionals understand the need for transgender people especially with the lack of research based treatments for transgender people. Transgender health services at the center include in managing and aiding in hormone injections. Mental health and substance abuse affect LGBTQ people of color at a lot higher rates and the center specializes in these services for those higher risk populations. Also health education workshops tend to be overlooked for LGBTQ populations, creating higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases among LGBTQ populations.

Overall this is a great center in providing free health services in mental health/substance abuse, health education, transgender health, etc for higher risk populations, like LGBTQ people of color. This is a great model for other organizations to follow as suit and hopefully many more will be constructed throughout the nation.


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